Pandit Jagat Ram Bhargava School for Profitable Agriculture and Resource Conservation

How We Got Started

Over 9000 farmers committed suicide last year – most because they felt crushed under the burden of their debt. The root cause – lack of water and information, access or the ability to adopt water efficient, resource efficient, high income generating methods of farming.

PJRB SPARC has been set up with the intent to fill this gap. Through our specialized courses, training programs, consultations, innovations and outreach projects, we want to spread knowledge about profitable, sustainable Agriculture

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Our Programs

Education, Training and Behavior Change Communication – To spread awareness and knowledge about water and resource conserving, yet profitable agriculture, we offer a bouquet of knowledge enhancement options such as diploma courses, certificate courses, short term training and community outreach programs. The topics are designed to help trainees avail of the opportunities in the current markets. The teaching style is modern and result oriented.

Research and Policy Think Tanks – To support information based decision making, particularly by policy makers, we conduct research, consultations, conferences and expert think tanks. Inputs from experts, our ground-level interventions and all relevant stakeholders are compiled to give a 360 degree view of agriculture related issues in India.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support – The immensity of the food and water crisis requires out of the box ideas that bring about transformative change. These ideas when implemented by social enterprises, scale up impact and make the change sustainable. Through Living Learning Laboratory programs and Incubation, we offer support to innovators and entrepreneurs working for efficient, profitable, resource conserving agriculture. We have partnered with our sister organization – FORCE Institute of Social Innovation (FISI) for this service.

Certification and Advisory Services – We offer  ‘BforWater‘ Certification for farm output and agro-products. The ‘BforWater’ certification is given to those products created through processes that have minimized wasteful use of water. A ‘BforWater’ certificate for a product is also a de-facto assurance of low chemical fertilizer and pesticide use in growing that product. We also train BforWater surveyors.in the certification process and BforWater advisors for guiding farmers for water efficient farming. Our panel of experts and mentors guide and support farmers, professionals and entrepreneurs make the transition towards Profitable, Resource Efficient agriculture.